Prague, 15 June 2023

Organized by the CTU in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Supported by a group of Universities, Academics and Companies worldwide. 

!!! The deadline for sending the abstract has been postponed to the 30th of April !!!

Call for abstract
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About the Conference

The conference is primarily intended for master’s students and doctoral students of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the presentation of the results of several of the best bachelor’s theses is also expected. However, students from domestic and foreign universities are also more than welcome.

The main topics of the conference will be Sensors, Measurements, Measuring Systems, Diagnostics and Testing divided into the following sections:

  • Sensors, Materials and its Application
  • Measurement of Electrical and Non-electrical Quantities
  • Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
  • Testing and Diagnostics
  • Signal Processing
  • System Identification and Control

The aim of the conference is to give students an opportunity to present the results of their research, to improve their presentation skills, to provide the floor for discussion and exchange of ideas and experience. Presentation of the results of the best thesis will also raise awareness of topics solved at different laboratories and broaden the horizons for possible exchange and stays abroad.

Cheap accommodation at the university hotel is available for a limited number of participants.

Within the conference itself, lectures from the industrial area are also planned, which can help students in deciding on their future professional life. Last but not least, it is about the possibility of establishing cooperation between individual workplaces and industrial partners.

Organizing Committee

  • Ing. Jakub Svatoš, Ph.D. – Conference Chair
  • Ing. Martin Šipoš, Ph.D. – Program Committee Chair
  • prof. Ing. Pavel Ripka, CSc. – Technical Program Co-Chair
  • Ing. Tomáš Drábek, Ph.D. – Technical Program Co-Chair